I’ve never particularly thought of myself as an artist.

I think that’s because I have a horrible time taking what I see in my mind and turning it into something physical. I’m a software engineer by day. Most of what I build, I can take an idea from my head and execute exactly what I was thinking via code. But it is ephemeral, immaterial. So if I turn to art to allow me to create something physical, something with permanence, it’s sometimes difficult to not be able to execute the idea in the same way.

It took me too long to realize that I should embrace the abstract. To take my ideas out of the picture.

I’m not going into any of this with an idea of how it should turn out. I might have a hope, of course. A theory that, if I do this, something roughly approximating that will occur. No expectations, though.

The point of doing this is to give me a way to kick the right side of my brain into gear when the left side is giving me fits (so to speak). As such, I needed to find a way to keep the left side from jumping in and judging the result. I think I have something that will work here so I’m going to give it a shot.